Our Earth is a beautiful planet with a wide spectrum of climate types and weather of a place determine the way humans interact with the world. So it’s no surprise that from scientists, policy makers, academicians to the common man, everybody earnestly seeks to comprehend the mysteries of weather.

As Global warming and Climate change continue to be debated the world across, growing awareness about phenomena like El-Nino or Indian Ocean Dipole or the various oscillations that govern the precipitation patterns only fuels the desire for a deeper understanding of them and the  impact they have on the weather we experience.

Further a shower enjoyed at the advent of monsoon season being termed as premonsoon shower or a forecast that states. Few isolated spells of rain may occur leaves the user more confused and there by unable to make best use of the forecast.

Weather is a complex system beyond any political boundary. WeatherView.in is a platform that will be dedicated to increasing the awareness of weather systems of various spatial extents, weather terminology and of course current weather updates over India with a special focus on Maharashtra.

Our Objective

Our chief objective is to present weather happenings, updates and forecasts in terminology that will help the various users particularly the layman to use them more proactively.

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