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Realised Weather over Maharashtra, Goa and Gujarat State and Synoptic situation. (15th October to 21st October)

This week Southwest Monsoon has been withdrawn from most of the country.  The withdrawal line passes through Lat.26.0° N / Long.95.0° E, Kohima, Lat. 20.0° N / Long.88.0° E, Kalingapatnam, Nizamabad, Aurangabad, Dahanu, Lat.20.0° N / Long.65.0° E and Lat.20.0° N / Long.60.0° E.

Weather system affecting weather over Maharashtra :- A cyclonic circulation formed over southwest Bay of Bengal on 15th October. It became low  pressure area over central Bay of Bengal on 16th October. The system intensified into well marked low pressure area over central and south Bay of Bengal on 17th October. It moved to west central Bay of Bengal on 18th October and concentrated into depression on 19th October and moved towards Bangaladesh. Last week’s cyclonic circulation over North Konkan and adjoining south Gujarat region moved to south Maharashtra coast and became less marked on 20th October and the cyclonic circulation over Rayalaseema and adjoining Telangana became less marked on 16th October.


During the week, Maharashtra & Goa received rainfall on 15th and 16th October. The rainfall recorded at isolated places over Konkan-Goa, South Madhya Maharashtra and Vidarbha on 17th October. Mainly sunny weather prevailed over Maharahstra during 18th to 21st October. The thunderstorms activity was recorded over Konkan and Vidarbha during the week.

Sunny weather prevailed over Gujarat state during the week.

Forecast for the week 22nd October to 28th October

North Konkan (Greater Mumbai, Thane, Raigad and Palghar) :- North Konkan will observe sunny days during the week.

South Konkan – Goa :-  Districts of South Konkan – Goa will experience partly cloudy weather on 24th and 28th  and sunny weather will prevail during rest of the week.

North Madhya Maharashtra :- Districts of North Madhya Maharashtra will experience clear sky with sunny weather during the week.

South Madhya Maharashtra :- Districts of South Madhya Maharashtra will observe partly cloudy skies on 23rd and 28th and sunny weather will prevail during rest of the week.

Marathwada :- Districts of Marathwada will experience partly cloudy skies on 22nd and sunny weather will prevail during rest of the week.

Vidarbha :- East Vidarbha will observe partly cloudy weather on 23rd and sunny weather will prevail during rest of the week.

Gujarat state :- Gujarat state will experience sunny days during the week.


Note on Monsoon watch.

Depression of Bay of Bengal reached to Bangladesh and now there will be withdrawal of monsoon from rest of the country. Peninsular India will experience north east monsoon.


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