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Favourable condition for progress of Monsoon

As per I.M.D., the Southwest Monsoon is expected to become active with the formation of cyclonic circulation in Bay of Bengal during next 24 hours. This cyclonic circulation (which may convert into low) give a pulling force to drag Monsoon to south Arabian Sea. Some models are suggesting that this cyclonic circulation will convert into low and then will intensify into well marked low  It will move towards Andhra Pradesh and Odisha coast.


This cyclonic circulation will enhance activity in both branches of Monsoon i.e. Bay of Bengal branch and Arabian sea branch. Thus the conditions are favourable to advancement of Monsoon up to  Sri Lanka by 25th May.  Monsoon will enter in Kerala and South Karnataka between  26th May and  28th May.


The anticyclone in Arabian Sea will act as a barrier for further advancement of Monsoon. The anticyclone in Arabian sea has to move away or vanish to create a favourable condition for further progress of Monsoon.

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