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Interpretation of 2nd Stage Long Range Monsoon 2018 Forecast by IMD

IMD’s interpretation of 2nd stage Long range forecast 2018.

On 30th May India Meteorological Department (IMD) issued second stage of long range forecast zone wise. On the basis of rainfall activity IMD has divided the country in four zone:

(1) North West India

(2) North East India

(3) Central India

(4) South peninsula.

Every year in the first week of Jun IMD issue second stage of long range forecast. In this forecast, three information are given.

(1) Corrected long range forecast

(2) Long Range Forecast for each zone

(3) Forecast for July and August.

Below are the features of 2nd stage monsoon forecast:

  • IMD has corrected that total rainfall in monsoon season will be 102 % not 96 % .
  • Zone one that is North West India will receive 100 % rainfall in the season. Zone two that is North East India will receive 93 % rainfall in the season. Zone three that is Central India will get 99 % rainfall in the season. Zone four that is South peninsula will get 95 % rainfall during the season.
  • IMD has further predicted that July month will have 101 % rainfall and August will receive 94 % rainfall. That means in July there will be one per cent more than average.

Read here the original press release of IMD 2nd stage monsoon forecast 2018

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