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Realised Weather over Maharashtra, Goa and Gujarat State. (13thAugust to19th August)

During the last week

The monsoon trough which controls the monsoon activity of country was at foothills of Himalayas for most of the week. The trough started shifting southwards due to the formation of low pressure area over North Bay of Bengal on 18th August.

Low Pressure over Bay of Bengal

On 18th August 2017 a low pressure area was formed over North Bay of Bengal. The low pressure formed over Bay of Bengal shifted westwards and on 19th situated over coastal Andhra Pradesh and adjoining area of South coastal Odisha and West Central Bay of Bengal. Associated cyclonic circulation extends up to 7.6 km above mean sea level.

Rainfall Activity over Maharashtra

During the last week North Konkan experienced rainfall at most places may be because of upper air cyclonic circulation close to Maharashtra coast. Whereas south Konkan – Goa received rainfall at many places. Districts of Madhya Maharashtra observed light to moderate rainfall at few places, only on 15th and 17th it was at many places. Marathwada also experienced rainfall at few place and  on 18th at many places. Vidarbha got poor rainfall during the last week but on 18th it was active monsoon day over Vidarbha. Thunder storm also observed over Vidarbha at one or two places on 18th August. As the western end of the monsoon trough was at the foot hills of Himalayas, Gujarat state was not benefitted by rainy days. Rainfall was at only one or two places during the week.


Forecast for next week

A low pressure area has formed over Bay of Bengal on 18th August. On 19th the position is off Coastal Andhra Pradesh and adjoin South Odisha coast.

Konkan – Goa :-Districts of Konkan Goa will experience heavy rainfall on 20th and 21st after that moderate to heavy at most places during the week. North Konkan will continue to receive heavy rainfall on 22nd and 23rd also.

Madhya Maharashtra :- Districts of Madhya Maharashtra will experience heavy rainfall on 20th and moderate rainfall at many places on 21st and 22nd 24th and 25th and 26th only on 23rd light to moderate rainfall at few places.

Marathwada :-Districts of Marathwada will observe heavy rainfall on 20th August on 21st and 22nd rainfall at few places but again on 23rd 24th and 25th 26th moderate to heavy rainfall at many places as another low will be forming.

Vidarbha :- Districts of West Vidarbhawill experience heavy to very heavy rainfall on 20th at many places and on 21 22 23rd moderate rainfall at many places and then again moderate to heavy at many places from 24th to 26th August.

Gujarat region :-Districts of south Gujarat will observe weather similar to North Konkan full week that is heavy to very heavy rain during the week. North Gujarat will get rainfall at isolated places on 20th August but from 22nd to 26th heavy to very heavy rainfall in the districts of north Gujarat.

Saurashtra and Kutch :-Districts Saurashtra and Kutch will have rainfall only at few places and the system would be moving NW wards or may be weaking. Saurashtra may get good rain on 22nd and 23rd August.


Note on Monsoon watch

The low pressure area has formed over West Central Bay of Bengal on 18th and on 19th it is situated over coastal Andhra Pradesh and South Odisha. The forming of low over Bay of Bengal is a sign of revival of monsoon over Central India and Central South India. As this low will shift the monsoon trough southwards and it will maintain the position there. The another low may be forming in Bay of Bengal after this which may keep the position of monsoon trough in a favourable position. Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Rayalseema and interior north Tamilnadu will be benefited from these low pressure area. These subdivisions are in deficit of rainfall till now.




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