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Monsoon Watch Ending 7th April 2018

El-Nino and Indian Ocean Dipole both are neutral during the monsoon season. But model is showing forecast for IOD negative. Negative IOD means less rain over India. But it is too early to say about the overall performance of rain.

A private agency Sky Met has declared normal monsoon over India during four months. Specially Telangana Chhattisgarh and eastern part of India will get good rain as per Sky Met.

In the months of June and July the model showing little La-Nina position. Indian Ocean Dipole is negative for the months of June July and August as per the model. Negative index means less rainfall for West India and North West India.

If Pacific sea is neutral and Indian Ocean showing negative phase then East India, North East India and peninsular India will get normal rainfall. West India and North West India will get less Rainfall.

There will confusion for Vidarbha and Marathwada. But Telangana will be benefitted. Negative means Arabian sea is cooler than normal and Bay of Bengal warmer than normal.

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