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Weather Weekly Report Ending 25th November 2017

Realised   Weather   over   Maharashtra,   Goa   and   Gujarat   State   and Synoptic situation. (19th  November to 25th November)

Last week the Western Disturbance (WD) gave good rain to North India and afterward it moved east ward leaving behind drop in temperature and dense fog. System in easterlies also gave little rain to South Konkan, South Madhya Maharashtra.

In the first half of the week temperatures were above normal because of clouds.

In second half Vidarbha, Kutch, North Gujarat and North Madhya Maharashtra felt drop in night temperature. Cold wave prevailed over North Rajasthan, West Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Punjab.

This is a normal weather after passing of WD. Till now Maharashtra and Gujarat did not feel cold wave.


Note on NorthEast Monsoon watch

(What is MJO – The Madden-Julian Oscillation (MJO) is the major fluctuation in tropical weather on weekly to monthly timescales. The MJO can be characterised as an eastward moving ‘pulse’ of cloud and rainfall near the equator that typically recurs every 30 to 60 days.)

At present MJO (Maiden Julian Oscillation) is active over Indian Ocean and adjoining Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal. Maiden and Julian has discovered that convective activity move from Eastern coast of Africa to Indonesia in Indian Ocean.

Wherever it stay, convective activity increase over that area. So at present Bay of Bengal is under the influence of MJO. The Low over South Bay of Bengal will move east ward and may become more marked. Mean while a fresh Low will be developing over Andaman Sea around 30th  November. South Tamilnadu and Kerala will be getting rain in next week due to moving Low.


Forecast for the week 26th November to 02nd December:

Next week weather will be dry and sunny over Maharashtra, Gujarat state and Goa. There will not be any change in day and night temperature. Western Disturbance will be reaching North West India around 30th of November. So drop in temperature can be expected only after next week.


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