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Weekly weather report (24th December to 30th December)

Low Temperature Recorded during last week:

  • 3.1 deg C recorded at Muzaffarnagar (West Uttar Pradesh) was lowest minimum temperature on 24th December 2017
  • On 24th Naliya in Gujarat recorded 7.6 deg C
  • On 29th Nashik in Maharashtra recorded 7.6 deg C


Realised Weather over Maharashtra, Goa and Gujarat State and Synoptic situation. (24th December to 30th December)

Last week weather was dry over the state of Gujarat, Maharashtra and Goa. Anticyclone lay over Rajasthan and adjoining west UP throughout the week. Temperatures of North Maharashtra and Vidarbha were normal or below normal. Konkan was not so cold.

However cold wave observed at one or two places over Kutch. After crossing Western Disturbance over Jammu and Kashmir on 22nd December, no Western Disturbance approached the North West part of the country. Fog or Dense fog was observed only on Punjab and Haryana and North Eastern part of the country.

Due to clear skies Vidarbha and North Maharashtra were having hot days and cold nights.

Forecast for the week 31st December 2017 to 06th January 2018)

Weather will be dry whole week over the state of Gujarat, Maharashtra and Goa. There would be slight fall in day and night temperature.


Note on Northeast Monsoon watch.

A cyclonic circulation over South East Bay of Bengal will become a low pressure area on 01st or 02nd January. Fisherman of Kerala and Tamil Nadu will experience swell waves over the coast of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Karnataka coast also will experience swell waves for two to three days.

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