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Weekly Weather Report Ending 24th March 2018

Equinox on 20th March 2018

Last week on 20th March 2018 it was Equinox at 2145 hours. It is a day when sun’s rays fall vertically on equator. Length of day and night are nearly equal. From this day the Sun starts journey in Northern Hemisphere. The extreme position of the Sun is summer solstice when sun rays falls vertically on the latitude 23 and half degree N. This is the period of summer. The North West India get heated by sun energy.

During the last week from 21st to 24th a western  disturbance affected the Himachal Pradesh , Punjab and Uttarakhand. Because of wind discontinuity Madhya Maharashtra and South Konkan got the rain at isolated places on 23rd and 24th March. Day temperatures were not much high over the region. Tropical Westerly Jet Stream seen between Latitude 20 degree N and 25 degree N at the 9.5 km above mean sea level during the week.

Forecast for the week 25th March to 31st March 2018:

During the next week weather will be dry over Maharashtra, Gujarat & Goa state. As anticyclone is close to Odisha coast, day temperatures of Odisha , Telangana, Rayalseema and interior Tamil Nadu may reach to 40 degree Celsius.

For  Maharashtra, Gujarat & Goa state

Vidarbha and Marathwada along with Mumbai city will experience increase in day temperature. South Madhya Maharashtra and South Konkan may observe thunder shower during the week at one or two day. North Konkan and North Madhya Maharashtra and Gujarat state also will observe rise in day temperature.

Monsoon Watch

Till now the temperatures are not settled. So it is too early to say any thing about monsoon strength. At present international forum showing neutral Pacific ocean condition. Means it is neither La Nina nor El Nino. Indian Ocean Dipole show negative index. But still more observations are to be seen.

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