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Realised weather during the week 02-09-2018 to 08-09-2018.

During the last week cyclonic circulation over South UP and adjoining Madhya Pradesh (MP), North Odisha and over south Rajasthan made monsoon trough active. Therefore MP, Odisha and UP received good rain. Delhi, Chandigarh, Haryana and Uttarakhand also received good rain.


Low Pressure area in last week

  • A low pressure area formed over North West Bay of Bengal on 05th September 2018.
  • On 06th it became deep depression.
  • On 07th it moved to north Chhattisgarh.
  • On 08th it lies over East Rajasthan.

It gave good amount of rain to MP and East Rajasthan. In Maharashtra except Vidarbha and North Madhya Maharashtra all Maharashtra did not get much rainfall. Gujarat also did not get much rainfall.


Forecast for the week 09-09-2018 to 15-o9-2018. (Only for Gujarat & Maharashtra)

Monsoon trough is at present active with another east west trough parallel to it and giving rain to central India and North West India.

On 09th and 10th North Gujarat region will get moderate rain and rest of the region including Vidarbha will get passing showers with sunny days.

On 11th also North Gujarat and North Madhya Maharashtra will get light to moderate rain.

After 12th the low will weaken and the monsoon trough will move north ward.

From 12th onward interior Maharashtra and Gujarat will not get rain till the end of the week.


Monsoon watch

The low formed on 05th and intensified in to deep depression has delayed the withdrawal of monsoon from West Rajasthan. Though the monsoon trough will be moving northward after weakening of low over east Rajasthan but there is a possibility of another low forming over North West Bay of Bengal. For this week rainfall activity will reduce over central India and north west India.

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