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Realised weather during the week 22-07-2018 to 28-07-2018.

The depression formed over North coastal Odisha on 22nd July  and it moved Westnorthwest  and centered over Northwest Jharkhand on 23rd . It weakened in to well  marked low and centered over Northwest Madhya Pradesh on 24th . It further weakened in to low pressure area and centered over southern part of central Uttar Pradesh on 25th . This system gave widespread rain to Jharkhand, West Bengal, North Madhya Pradesh and West Uttar Pradesh. In the same period, East Rajasthan also got widespread rain due to cyclonic circulation over East Rajasthan. The cyclonic circulation was over  West  Madhya Pradesh and moved to East Rajasthan.  Monsoon trough was to the south of its normal position.

The Konkan area received  good amount rainfall during the week. In the first half of the week, rainfall occurred at most places over Madhya Maharashtra, Vidarbha and  Gujarat  state. However  In the second half of the week,  the rainfall activity is subdued over interior Maharashtra and Gujarat state.

Forecast for the week 29-07-2018 to 04-08-2018.

Monsoon trough is moved to the North of normal position and there will be no weather system will be forming in bay of Bengal during the next week. The weather system forming in Bay of Bengal and moving in Northwest direction will move monsoon trough to the south of its normal position.

Monsoon watch.

In the next week,  Low pressure is not forming over Bay of Bengal. This is a prime condition for the monsoon season to get rainfall over central India. Low is forming because remnant of cyclone crossing Myanmar and again intensifying over Bay of Bengal. The depression formed over Bay of Bengal on 22nd July moved towards UP and gave rainfall to Jharkhand,  Utttar Pradesh and Delhi. As this low will be quasi stationary over the area, Uttar Pradesh Uttarakhand will get heavy rain during the week.

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