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How Cyclone Ockhi Was Formed? Why It Is Called “Ockhi”?

The low pressure system was declared as Cyclone on 30th November 2017 and was named as “Ockhi”. It is predicted to get intensified into severe cyclone. Here is some information about the cyclone.

How it was formed?

Why the name Ockhi?

How it was formed?

Cyclone Ockhi was a remnant entered into Bay of Bengal from Northwest Pacific/South China. It was a low pressure travelling in west southwestward direction towards Sri Lanka since 21st of November. See it’s position on 22nd November 2017.

It is very likely that after it reached the Gulf of Mannar on 29th November night, the well marked low intensified into the cyclone due to its warm waters. Generally the water in gulf are warm due to less mixing of water.

Hence on morning of 30th November the cyclone Ockhi was formed.


Why the name Ockhi?

All the cyclones are given names so to identify them. It makes easy for the weatherman and the public to communicate. The name was contributed by Bangladesh which means “eye”.

The next cyclone will be “Sagar” named by India and next as “Mekunu” by Maldives.


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