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Realised Weather over Maharashtra, Goa and Gujarat State and Synoptic situation. (3rd December to 9thDecember)

Last week the LOW over east coast of South Tamil Nadu crossed Kanyakumari and intensified over South East Arabian sea. In the journey it became cyclone OCKHI and moved till 04th December Northwesterly direction as a severe cyclonic storm.

From 04th night it recurved towards South Gujarat and moved Northeasterly direction.

From 05th December started weakening very fast.

On 06th it became less marked over sea near Surat. Mumbai got rain on 06th December.


System Over Bay of Bengal:

Another LOW over Southeast Bay of Bengal became Well Marked Low and became depression thereafter.

Initially it moved Northwesterly direction and from 09th December it started moving North Easterly direction. Now there is no chance of hitting Odisha and North Andhra Pradesh.


Weather Overview:

North Konkan and South Gujarat got rain on 06th and 07th December due to OCKHI cyclonic storm. No significant change observed in day and night temperature over the region.

08th and 09th North Konkan and South Gujarat observed dense fog.


Reason for Formation of Fog:

Normally these areas do not observe such a dense fog. But because of OCKHI cyclone enough moisture supplied to these areas and there was very light wind due to anticyclone over South West Rajasthan. Due to these two reasons fog occurred on 08th and 09th December.


Forecast for the week 10thDecember 16thDecember)

Whole week region including Vidarbha will experience dry weather.

From 11th to 13th December a Western Disturbance is passing over North West India. So Vidarbha, North Madhya Maharashtra will observe fall in minimum temperature from 14th to 16th December.


Note on Northeast Monsoon watch:

As expected both Low pressure area intensified and affected Indian sea area. Tamil Nadu and Kerala received good amount of rain in this NE Monsoon. No big system is expected in easterlies. However due to Cyclonic Circulation little rainfall will occur over South peninsular India from 12th to 16th December.

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