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Last week was highly influenced by the passage of Western disturbance between 20th January to 24th January which caused snowfall over Jammu & Kashmir and rainfall at number of places in the state of Punjab, Haryana, Delhi & Uttar Pradesh and at some places in Rajasthan. There was also dense fog over East Uttar Pradesh & Bihar.

The lowest maximum temperature of 11.8º C was recorded at Ludhiana (Punjab) on 23rd January 2018 in the plains during the week.

The lowest minimum temperature of 2.1 º C was recorded at Muzaffarnagar (West Uttar Pradesh) on 21st January 2018 in the plains.

The lowest minimum of 7º C was recorded at Naliya in Gujarat and Nashik in Maharashtra.

Forecast for next week:

Western disturbance will be to the north of Latitude 32 deg N will give rain to J & K, Himachal Pradesh. The temperature of Vidarbha, North Madhya Maharashtra & North Konkan will increase. It will increase by 2 deg over Konkan and by 3 deg C over Vidarbha and North Madhya Maharashtra in coming 4 to 5 days.
The anticyclone is shifted to Chattisgarh hence cold wave to be observed in Chattisgarh, Odisha & Bihar.
Also Cold wave will persist over Telangana this week and temperature will increase thereafter.

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